Case Studies


8th November 2021

Read how Kirstie and Michelle agreed a 'SMART' action plan to support Michelle achieve her career goals including; accessing & successfully completing CSCS training with a specialist provider, creating an impactful up-to-date CV tailored specifically to the construction sector and supporting Michelle to apply and interview for a job which she was successfully in securing.

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The role of Community Developer

6th October 2021

Read how our Community Developer role underpins much of the work we do within local communities by enabling us to ‘connect-the-dots’ between ourselves and various complimenting local agencies/support services to help those who need it most.

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8th September 2021

Read how Becka supported Mark to create a SMART plan that helped Mark focus on the key actions that would help him secure the job he had always wanted to do despite criminal convictions.

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A journey through Konnect’s Life Choices

19th July 2021

Read about how Konnect's Life Choices is helping people in Cornwall improve their self esteem and confidence to enable them to long lasting change in their lives and achieve their goals and aspirations.

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6th July 2021

The first time Lou (Konnect Communities People Hub mentor) met Carolyn she could sense she was nervous; Carolyn and Lou sat and chatted and soon built a rapport which was to become the foundation on which trust was established between the two of them enabling Lou to ask Carolyn to share her story.

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8th June 2021

Alan came to Konnect Communities via a referral to our ‘Beyond Rehab’ project in December 2020.  Beyond Rehab is a project commissioned by Penzance Job Centre and delivered by Konnect and Wild Art.  During this time individuals receive 6 weeks of mentoring support with Konnect and attend a 2-day sculpting course with Wild Art.  Alan[...]

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Victim Care Case Study

20th May 2016

Through Konnect’s work in providing an engage hub for ‘DDC CRC’ we accepted a referral from one of the probation staff to work with one of his clients. The client, ‘S’ was an offender on sentence to probation, but what had been highlighted through his probation appointments, was that he was also a victim of[...]

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