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Restorative Justice

To date, restorative justice (RJ) practices have been used, predominantly, in the criminal justice sector. Konnect Communities is keen to develop its involvement in this arena.


The employment hub exists as an outcome for clients who have been supported by Konnect Communities. A successful outcome would include securing a job interview or some form of employment.

Criminal Justice

The criminal justice hub operates, primarily, as a referral source for clients. Konnect intends to support prolific offenders over the age of 19 at various points in their criminal justice experience.

Victim Care

Konnect supports victims of crime by offering both emotional advice and reassurance, and practical support to enhance security and reduce risk.


Konnect works closely with a number of schools and colleges across the county to provide mentoring and training for students who struggle to remain in education.

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What we do

Konnect Communities works to enable, motivate and inspire people in our communities who are seeking to improve their skills, develop their opportunities and maximise their potential. We work with a wide range of individuals including victims and offenders of crime, and young people struggling to remain in education.

We know that the expertise of the practitioner and the strength of their relationship with the client is the strongest determinant of the impact of a service.

The aim of Konnect is to work closely with clients, to create a tailored and supported pathway that supports the development and enhancement of life skills so that clients are enabled to participate in a positive and constructive future.

In order to achieve this, Konnect provides a needs-based service that includes access to mentoring; training, meaningful and relevant education and facilitates opportunities for employment.

We will ‘Konnect’ our clients with existing and bespoke provision in education, training and the work place, thus enabling them to move forwards and to participate in a more productive future. To find out more visit our Services and Partners pages.


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