Safer Stronger Consortium

Offender Research, Learning the Lessons

1.0 Introduction

This research has been led by the Safer Stronger Consortiumn (SSC) in order to support the development of the SSC pathways for Offenders and Victims.   Konnect Cornwall CIC was commissioned to carry out the offender research component of the contract.  The SSC is designed to enable the Devon and Cornwall Police Crime Commissioners efficient and effective access to the voluntary sector, in order to offer a range of interventions and support services for offenders not necessarily available through the statutory sector or other DCPCC funding.  It is hoped that these activities will help to reduce re-offending and support reintegration into local communities.

The research was commissioned to explore:

  • The needs and experiences of services delivered to offenders
  • Quality, timeliness, relevance of support and information available
  • Gaps in current provision for offender
  • Offender experience of relationship between statutory and voluntary services
  • Current pathways of support through statutory and voluntary sector services
  • Relevance of self-assessment tools and person centred outcomes

2.0 Methodology

Konnect Cornwall recruited offender interviewees through Police and Probation Officers from the Turnaround project and through staff at Freshstart Supported Housing.  The research was carried out over two sessions in Camborne and St Austell.    Both sessions began with facilitators explaining to participants the purpose of the research and …