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Get your future started with Konnect

We have a range of support to help you improve your future employment prospects.

Konnect’s ‘KAFE’ project is a unique blend of group cognitive behaviour therapy, 1:1 coaching and mentoring, employability and vocational training and community led open ended nurture support group. We provide high quality, 1:1 personalised mentoring and support to overcome the hurdles that may be holding you back, enabling you to take the next steps onto a pathway that can lead to a more successful future.
Our mentors are not here to criticise or judge, whatever your background or ambitions, they will guide you towards a better place through building your confidence, motivation, and knowledge, as well as going through your experience, skills, strengths, and passions to ensure that you seek the role or training you need to thrive.

Let us help you become unstuck and clear about how you can make a positive step forward. Our mentors will work with you to help you discover your goals or generate practical ideas if you don’t know where to start. Together you will set an action plan and step by step, they will help you get ready, in a way that works for you, to enable you to see beyond your limitations and maximise your potential.



Becka Prynne – Team Leader 

As a qualified Social Worker, with 10 years’ experience within the Probation Service, Becka brings extensive experience working with diverse and complex service user groups. This includes clients with poor mental health, substance addiction and challenging behaviour. She is passionate about understanding the unique experiences of service users and exploring how that shapes their consciousness and understanding, empowering them to take responsibility for making positive changes in their life, whilst being a consistent and reliable support through every step of their journey.


Stacey Midgley – Mentor

Following 6 years’ working within the health and social care sector, Stacey brings a range of experience of working with individuals experiencing a variety of health issues, as well as social challenges. This includes clients with poor mental or physical health, autism, and challenging behaviour. With a degree in Health, Community and Social Sciences, Stacey is passionate about supporting individuals from a holistic viewpoint. As a mentor, she appreciates the opportunity to work with individuals and offer support in whichever way they prefer, whilst encouraging them to make the difference they wish to see in their lives.


Kirstie Francis – Mentor 

Kirstie has a proactive and upbeat approach to change and has a wealth of experience presenting people with the tools, challenges and support they need to break goals down to achievable steps. She is passionate about being supportive and encouraging for others to achieve a healthy sense of perspective, recognise the positives, and identify a practical approach to self-discovery. Creating a safe and confidential place for people to open-up about what it is they really want to achieve and work towards. Kirstie will help to recognise strengths and skills and develop confidence to implement change.


Life Choices:

Alongside the mentoring you can also access our successful Life Choices course, this can be delivered as a group or 1-1 with your mentor. Based upon cognitive behavioural therapy techniques, Life Choices supports you to review your life and to challenge negative thinking patterns which may be preventing you from moving on. The course seeks to help clear some or all those blocks, leaving sufficient ‘head space’ in which a future that includes work or learning can be considered.

  • “It has given me a mental toolset to challenge my way of thinking, so I actually take a step back and challenge my thoughts rather than just accepting them as they are” – LC 26/08/2021
  • “I used to always wear a mask and hide behind a laugh that wasn’t real. Now I have found people who I can open up to and who listen and I feel so much better, I know I don’t have to suffer alone” – AM 26/08/2021
  • “I really look forward to these groups and sharing with people that I could relate to. I am going to really miss coming here now it has finished, but I am definitely going to sign up as a peer mentor, so I can give what I have learnt back to others”. – CT 03/06/2021


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