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We are here to help you overcome those barriers that are preventing you from the employment you want. On contacting us you will be assigned a mentor who will work with you to help you overcome the barriers that may be holding you back. We can help set you up with the support you need in a range of areas, including addiction support, assistance with housing and help to get the training and support you need for employment. We can help you hone your CV, practice interview techniques and help you seek the role you need to thrive.

Our supportive team understand that setbacks happen and are there to support you through the times where it goes wrong. We are not here to criticise or judge if things go badly, but to guide you towards a better place to ensure you have the best future possible. We offer consistency and honesty to establish a relationship that will last as long as you need us. We believe this is how we are are able to deliver you real change that lasts.


At Konnect we are with you on every step of your journey. We offer trust, consistency and honesty in all areas, in the belief that this is the best way to deliver the standard of support you deserve. We strive for a genuine partnership with those we work with to enable a seamless and connected service, giving you the tools you need to move forward to deliver real change that lasts.

If you would like to hear more and agree a meeting with one of our specialist mentors email


Case study – Meet Tom

Tom was unemployed for a long time. His CV didn’t seem to get him shortlisted and he had begun to believe he was never going to get a job. As well as feeling rejected, he was prescribed antidepressants for depression and anxiety with little effect.

After a while, Tom had become so used to not working and being on benefits that he had come to believe that a low paid job wouldn’t be enough to live on and so stopped making an effort in his job searching. Konnect met Tom through a referral and asked him what he needed help with. His mentor started by supporting Tom’s mental health and wellbeing, helping him to change his self belief. Over time he began to feel more positive and Konnect encouraged him to see that he was valuable and was worthy of a job, despite his long period of unemployment and many rejections.

Konnect helped Tom discover his strengths, skills and passions matching him to the type of work he was suited to; helping him to build a CV and to interview for those job types. This built Tom’s confidence, motivation and hope to start job searching again.

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