Konnect has presently eight provisions on the JCP local suppliers’ framework and four more about to go on.

Most of the provisions are for one to one work, usually five sessions of mentoring and coaching support.

Since getting our first referral in September 2015 we have worked with twenty three clients with a further thirty seven still ongoing. Of the twenty three, we have had a success rate of about 75% in moving them on into work or training.

The newer provisions are for pre and post course support for current JCP courses being delivered by other providers. We recently delivered post course support for eight out of ten persons on a course in Liskeard with great success.

Konnect is passionate about the recruitment of ex-offenders. This is an area of support that is certainly required because:

  • Re-offending costs the UK £13 billion each year
  • England and Wales release 90,000 prisoners per annum. 60% re-offend within two years
  • Employment reduces the probability of re-offending by up to 50% but 75% of prisoners have no job on release
  • The estimated cost for every single re-offender is approximately £200,000 and it costs around £40,000 to imprison one criminal for a year
  • In 2013/14, just 25% of prisoners entered employment on release from prison.