Konnect Mentoring Skills (Level 2 progression award)

Konnect Mentoring Skills (Level 2 progression award) is accredited with OCN.  After completing this course you will be able to support others to improve their lives and achieve the goals important to them. Konnects Mentoring Skills (Level 2 progression award) typically is delivered 2 days a week over 4 weeks (8 sessions) between 10am and 4pm, during the course you will be supported by one of our highly experienced trainers.


Course dates: –

  • 14+15 June (10am-4pm)
  • 21+22 June (10am-4pm)
  • 28+29 June (10am-4pm)
  • 05+06 July (10am-4pm)


About Konnect Communities 

Konnect Communities mission is to deliver real change that lasts. Our roots are in mentoring those coming out of, or at risk of falling into, the criminal justice system and in restorative justice to support the victims of crime.

Our experience and expertise in this challenging area has enabled us to secure DWP contracts to work with and support both unemployed and economically inactive individuals in Cornwall and Devon to move forwards.

Konnect Communities are focussed on delivering client centric support that helps the people we work with overcome their individual barriers and achieve their goals and aspirations.


Overview of the Konnect Mentoring Skills (Level 2 progression award)

The course aims to develop your mentoring skills and build confidence in your abilities to support others.  It will allow you to provide professional mentoring to your service users and is recognised nationally by employers and educational institutions.


The course consists of 4 units

  • Introduction to Mentoring
  • The Mentoring Process
  • Mentoring Practice
  • Speaking and Listening Skills


Course Delivery

  • 2 days a week over 4 weeks
  • Normally 10am – 4pm
  • Commitment to attend all sessions is expected


Course Delivery

  • £250 per person


What does a mentor do?

  • Provides support to those in need in the community
  • Helps others identify actions they need to take to achieve their goals
  • Motivates and encourage your mentee to be successful
  • Helps develop and raise awareness of mentoring services
  • Takes responsibility for your own personal development as a mentor
  • Becomes a positive role model


Benefits of studying to become a Mentor

  • Give back to your local community
  • Gain a L2 qualification
  • Develop transferable skills for life and the workplace
  • Improve your self-identity and appreciate your self-worth
  • Gain a work reference through your training and volunteering
  • Build confidence in your own skills and experience
  • Mentoring can be the first step towards a successful career in the Criminal Justice System, community support organisations, addiction centres etc
  • Part of your progression path towards further and higher education


If you would like to find out more about Konnect Mentoring Skills (Level 2 progression award) call 01736 339277 alternatively you can request a call back for an informal chat using the contact form below.

If you would like to book a place on our course running June and July use the QR code below (links to Eventbrite)

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