Victim Care Case Study

Through Konnect’s work in providing an engage hub for ‘DDC CRC’ we accepted a referral from one of the probation staff to work with one of his clients. The client, ‘S’ was an offender on sentence to probation, but what had been highlighted through his probation appointments, was that he was also a victim of crime. Konnect, also delivers work through the Devon and Cornwall Police Crime Commissioners Victim Care Unit and through that contract engaged with ‘S’.

It transpired that the victim ‘S’ had been groomed and abused by a female neighbour, the abuser was in her late thirties and ‘S’ was 13 when the abuse started.  When first speaking with ‘S’ he disclosed more historic sexual abuse from a family member. It was also evident that other family members were either complicit in the abuse or not willing to support him. ‘S’ never felt strong enough to report these crimes as he felt scared of the consequences.

The level of support that ‘S’ required was very intensive and included;

  1. Housing: he was forced to leave his family home, making him homeless. Working closely with numerous housing providers S was eventually housed.
  2. Police: Through the reporting process with the sexual offences liaison officer (SOLO). Our staff member became the key support for ‘S’ through this process, which he would not have engaged with if he hadn’t been supported properly. A strategic plan was put in place to ensure the victim would be safe, protected and feel comfortable enough to report to the police. The victim declined an Independent sexual violence advocate (ISVA) and specifically requested continuity with his Konnect support because he said he had formed a professional trusting relationship with our staff member.
  3. GP: Before he was able to go through the reporting process he was prescribed medication to help with his anxiety, low mood and sleeping difficulties.

In the weeks following giving his statement ‘S’ went downhill and was very low, he was pleased that he had reported the historic abuse and he felt a certain level of weight lifted but he also felt sore from reliving the experiences that had hurt him the most. ‘S’ was grateful and animated for the support given, a process he would not have gone through had it not been for that support.