Carolyn; from Rehab to support worker

Carolyn is a mum of two who has suffered substantial traumas leading to a total lack of self-esteem, confidence and high levels of anxiety.

It was while Carolyn was at her lowest that she started drinking to numb her emotional pain and this led to alcohol misuse and addiction.

Carolyn went through a residential detox programme before going into residential rehabilitation. After completing rehab Carolyn referred herself to Konnect Communities for help and support reintegrating back into her local community.

The first time Lou (Konnect Communities People Hub mentor) met Carolyn she could sense she was nervous; Carolyn and Lou sat and chatted and soon built a rapport which was to become the foundation on which trust was established between the two of them enabling Lou to ask Carolyn to share her story.

Carolyn shared many life events that had shaped her feelings about herself and led to her lack of self-worth.  Despite this Carolyn had a clear vision of what she wanted her future to look like.

Carolyn’s aims and aspirations were: –

  • Returning to employment
  • Finding accommodation
  • Maintaining abstinence

Lou explained how Konnect Communities support individuals who have similar goals (above) and how we would specifically support Carolyn with a personalised plan.

Carolyn joined Konnect Communities on the People Hub project. Lou highlighted the Beyond Rehab project (a therapeutic sculpting course) delivered by our partner Wild Art and how this might help Carolyn.

Carolyn fully engaged with the Beyond Rehab project and 1:1 mentoring sessions with Lou. Working together Carolyn’s long-term goals were broken down into ‘bite sized chunks’ to make them achievable.

Carolyn focussed on working through the SMART objectives that Lou and Carolyn had created and agreed together.  Carolyn saw a job advertised that she knew she would be great at and set about completing the application form with Lou’s help. Carolyn prepared for the interview and was successfully in securing a role in her dream job!

Carolyn has now started work as a support worker in a Nursing Home (a role she is perfectly suited to). Despite all the anxiety of staring a new job, meeting new work colleagues and learning a new set of skills Carolyn has successfully settled in and is now working independently with the residents (where she is a firm favourite with the residents)!

Carolyn continues to find anxiety a daily challenge but has put controls in place devised between herself, Lou and her doctor to help manage this including breathing exercises.  Despite the ongoing anxiety challenges Carolyn has not let this impact her job where she continues to work all her allocated shifts.

Securing a new job has helped Carolyn improve her financial position and Carolyn is now looking at local flats to rent. Carolyn continues to be abstinent and based on Lou’s time with Carolyn is something we feel confident she will continue to achieve.

All of us at Konnect are really proud of the effort Carolyn has put into moving beyond alcohol addiction, securing a job and regaining control of her life.  Konnect celebrates these significant accomplishments Carolyn has achieved!

If you are unemployed and looking for support (or you know someone who might benefit from our support) feel free to contact us for a confidential and non-judgemental chat.