Konnect Mentoring


Ian had experienced a difficult upbringing with several adverse childhood experiences that has led to ongoing challenges throughout his life.  Ian had struggled with addiction to medication and both physical and mental health issues including depression and anxiety which have impacted on his ability to find work.

Ian came to Konnect Communities via a referral to our ‘Beyond Rehab’ project in December 2020.  Beyond Rehab is a project commissioned by Penzance Job Centre and delivered by Konnect and Wild Art.  During this time individuals receive 6 weeks of mentoring support with Konnect and attend a 2-day sculpting course with Wild Art.  Ian engaged with this project well and successfully completed his course, however additional support was required and Ian was referred to Konnect’s new People Hub project which started in February.

People Hub have been working with Ian for the past 5 months to support him in tackling several barriers linked to his living conditions that were preventing him from moving forwards.

The first thing our mentor (Lee) did was to listen to Ian’s story so he could start building a better understanding (from Ian’s point of view) of where Ian had come from and importantly where he wanted to go.  Ian was clear about his ambition to take back control of his life, especially his living conditions at his home which were far from ideal.

Ian and Lee agreed a plan to tackle the root cause of some of Ian’s issues at home. Lee supported Ian in the creation of SMART actions to help ensure the focus/activity was Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Timebound. This helped Ian focus on the things that were in his ability to influence and change.

Ian contacted the council to arrange removal of several larger appliances that were no longer working.  Lee arranged for Ian to meet with Good Old Furniture Available (GOFA) https://www.gofa.org.uk/ a local charity to source quality home items including a fridge, washing machine, rugs and a bed and mattress.  With the faulty items gone and the fully functional ones in their place Ian then focussed his attention on cleaning his home.  Ian started to feel confident enough to contact his landlord to discuss redecorating his home. The landlord agreed to support Ian and organised someone to plumb his washing machine, repair the roof, decorate and supply bedding.

Lee also liaised with JCP and arranged for Ian to attend an I.T. course which included Ian gaining a tablet. Ian has been using the tablet to job search and apply for roles.  Ian has a new CV which reflects his skills, strengths and experiences and now feels more confident in his securing work.

All of us at Konnect are really proud of the effort Ian has put into regaining control of his life and the distance Ian has travelled.  Ian has demonstrated a newfound determination and focus which will be clear to any employer Ian interviews with.

If you are unemployed and looking for support (or you know someone who might benefit from our support) feel free to contact us for a confidential and non judgemental chat.