Nicks Story- from loosing it all to now supporting others

The 1:1 Mentor Support delivered by our lovely Konnect mentor Sandi helped Nick go from loosing it all to now using his experience to pay it forward and help others.

Nick grew up dealing with issues of substance abuse, alcohol and related crime but managed to get his life back on track. A very creative man, for 13 years Nick ran a successful business restoring antique clocks. During that time he had married, had children and experienced stability and satisfaction in both his family and working life.

Nicks world feel apart with the breakdown of his marriage. He lost his home, his family and his mental health declined leading to the loss of his  business. His private rental property was flooded and he was made homeless.

He lost his identity and sense of belonging and was now dependent on others. He was moved through a number of temporary properties, eventually being placed in a holiday apartment on a beach resort. Other peoples idea of summer heaven became his idea of hell. Over 18 months he lost all sense of stability, and his social anxiety escalated as he struggled to live alongside others who had been placed in emergency housing, feeling the pull back to drugs and alcohol which were freely available.

This is when Nick was referred to Konnect for 1:1 mentor support with his re-housing, he engaged well but felt it was all pointless as he’d been knocked down too many times. Our mentor Sandi sat with Nick and looked at ways to maximize his housing options and spent time pulling all of Nicks documents and letters together ready to move. He eventually had a portfolio ready to go when needed and began bidding on properties himself with a new found confidence.

After feeling like he was stuck in limbo, Nicks mental health began to decline again. However, when Nick was at his lowest point, he received a phone call offering him a Bungalow. His world changed in a moment and he felt he’d regained his future. The next day the Housing officer confirmed the property was his, and he and Sandi started making plans for removals, furniture and finding some funding for carpets etc.

Since moving to his new bungalow Nicks life has gone from strength to strength, he now is employed with the NHS Complex Needs Strategy Team as an Expert by Experience where he can support others who have been where he is and help them to get to where he is now. Nick is also planning on running local support groups for patients who are waiting to be assigned a mentor so they are not left waiting for help.

Here at Konnect we are so proud of what Nick has achieved! If you feel like you would benefit from the 1:1 mentor support that Konnect can offer, please get in touch with us on 01736 339277 or email us at to see if we can help.